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5 New Years Resolutions for Shopaholics

Happy 2015 shopaholics! Of course you want to start the year with tons of huge shopping bags filled with a day’s worth of conquests! But this time, as shopaholics of 2015, let’s pledge to change some old shopping habits. Here are some New Year Resolutions every shopaholic must (try to) keep:



1.     I promise to shop smart


Shop wisely. If you already have 3 pairs of black pumps, don’t invest in another one! (Go for those tan ones instead…Steve Madden, are you listening?)



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2.     I promise to stick to the list


You know how every time you go shopping with clear goals in mind and then get distracted by a very beautiful dress in a Zara shop window (and then by the ALDO shoes, and then by the bags…)? How about this time, resolve to actually stick to the list! (But of course when you’re done, you have the license to get as distracted as you want!)



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3.     I promise to be selfless


You remember that Promod scarf you saw that you knew your sister would love? Buy it for her! Keep an eye out for stuff your friends and family would like and once in a while, surprise them with a little souvenir of your shopping spree! Hello, brownie points! Remember: Splurging is okay when it’s selfless!

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 4.     I promise to experiment


If you think it looks fabulous on the rack, it will probably look more fabulous on you! Stop playing it safe, and dare to try the more exciting options! Bye-bye old polka-dot cardigan, hello faux fur jacket!



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5.     I promise never to curb the shopaholic in me


Rules are important on the surface of things, but deep down, you know you’re a shopaholic at heart – and nothing can or should change that! Keep your shopping spirit at its best this year, and make sure the 2015 section of your wardrobe is fantastic!


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Though the winter this year hasn’t been the absolute coldest YET, a little birdie tells me it’s going to get pretty chilly in the next few weeks. So I thought I’d tell you all a few little tricks and secrets to keeping extra cozy (don’t worry – you can be comfy and glam at the same time!)


Lets go back to basics

And by basics, I mean the innerwear! Stockings and body-warmers may sound old –school but will save you weeks of sniffling and make sure you’re ready to party on a cold wintry night!


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Keep your feet happy and fuzzy

They say that warm feet make a huge difference in maintaining a warm body temperature! And if that doesn’t convince you, just go for the adorability of these super-cute fuzzy socks!


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Not just another scarf

Firstly, invest in a SNOOD. A snood, or tube scarf is a loop shaped scarf that you can slip over your neck! Buy a cozy woolen or cashmere one to keep you extra warm and snug (and make a style statement)!


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Don’t underestimate the power of faux fur

I only have three words: MUST. BUY. FUR. Fake fur is a trend that never gets old, and keeps you unbelievably warm! (And don’t be surprised if your friends suddenly want to cuddle with you in your incredibly SOFT new attire!)



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What are friends for?

If nothing else, here’s a trick that’s bound to work! Curling up with your best friends on a cold evening with some warm blankets and yummy treats! It doesn’t get snugger than that.


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So go on and get cozy! Facing the brutal cold winter can be like going into a battlefield – you don’t want to enter without your armour! So #GoShopping and get your winter weapons – check out our apparel and accessories stores like Zara, Promod, Mango, ALDO Accessories and others! Have a happy and comfy winter!


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